Comexi Enviroxi LCR: Machine de Nettoyage laser des Anilox

Système de Nettoyage des cylindres et manchons Anilox par technologie Laser // System for cleaning anilox rolls utilizing laser technology.


ENVIROXI LCR is an Anilox and cylinders cleaning system using laser technology. Quality levels in printing are more and more demanding, so it is necessary to have a working tool that can provide high performance thorough cleaning.


The machine has a sturdy and reliable electronic PLC and touch screen for easy and intuitive handling, that can be used to set up

the characteristics of the piece that needs cleaning. Furthermore the machine has pushbuttons, sensors, and lights and audio indicators that facilitate both using and obtaining real time data and also increase user safety.

This novel extraction system helps to filter the possible dust and smoke that could be generated. The cartridge format filter module allows the filter itself to be extracted quickly and provides access for cleaning and maintaining it.

The rotation speed is automatically established according to the dirt and the cylinder’s diameter. The cylinder rotation system has been designed for easy and quick access using quality materials that ensure it works properly and reduce maintenance needs.

The machine has a laser unit connected to the switchboard and controlled automatically by the PLC. This way, the system has a single user interface for the operator: the touch screen. The washer rotation system makes the cylinder rotate while a laser beam volatilizes all the waste deposited on the surface. The rotating shafts are provided with wheels, whose specially designed material prevents cylinder surface damage.

All the machine’s important elements are installed on the front or at the side to facilitate access without having to access from the back. Therefore, maintenance is faster and easier, which makes it easier to locate on the plant.

Documentation Enviroxi LCR