Nilpeter FA-4*

FA-4*: Your Flexo-Line for Optimised Performance

The newest member of the popular FA-Line is designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality.

The new, innovative design features the shortest possible web path, easy-loading of tooling, and the Nilpeter CLEANINKING system. Combined with a new Nilpeter PowerLink control system, this enables the label and flexible packaging printer to achieve the leanest performance in today’s competitive market. Moreover, the press is prepared to meet the increasing, global trend towards short run jobs and small repeat lengths.

The FA-4* tolerance standard and dot gain coverage are as impeccable as the current FA-Line, making it the best choice for any quality conscious printer seeking to maintain the competitive advantage.

Available in 16”, the new FA-4* can easily be combined with the Nilpeter ancillary program and value-added units.


Watch as Jakob Landberg gives you insight into the benefits of the FA-4*:


Press speed 0-175 m/min. mechanical speed
Nilscreen speed 0-80 m/min. mechanical speed
Web mm (feet/inches)
Unwind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
Rewind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
Waste rewind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 40 kg
Rail-mounted unwind/
rewind diameter
600 mm (23 3/4”), max. 40 kg
Printing mm (feet/inches)
Web width, max. 420 mm (16 1/2”)
Printing width, max. 410 mm (16”)
Flexo, repeat length 203,2-635 mm (8-25”)
Screen, repeat length 304,8-635 mm (12-25”)
Die-cutting, repeat length 304,8-635 mm (12-25”)