Nilpeter FA-4

FA-4: Your Flexo Line for Business Innovation

The FA-4 sets the standard for sophisticated, yet easy-to-control printing. Offering an extremely broad range of multi-substrate packaging materials, this advanced modular UV-flexo press provides super fast make-ready with its easy-load sleeve technology.

The optional Print Management Centre helps control all print jobs and lets you preset process and production parameters, ensuring exceptional quality. With low waste and setup times reduced to seconds per unit, the FA-4 is very easy to operate.

Our ergonomically designed unwind module allows you to load substrates with ease and achieve fast changeover rates. Combine that with the print module – packed with features that substantially increase your make-ready rate – and this state-of-the-art press will seriously impact your bottom line. The FA-4’s converting module helps you achieve outstanding precision, is incredibly easy to use, and assists in rapid waste collection. All in all, the FA-4 offers long-lasting and cutting edge technology.

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Press speed 0-175 m/min. mechanical speed
Nilscreen speed 0-80 m/min. mechanical speed
Web mm (feet/inches)
Unwind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
Rewind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
Waste rewind diameter 1.016 mm (40”), max. 40 kg
Rail-mounted unwind/
rewind diameter
600 mm (23 3/4”), max. 40 kg
Printing mm (feet/inches)
Web width, max. 420 mm (16 1/2”)
Printing width, max. 410 mm (16”)
Flexo, repeat length 304,8-635 mm (12”-25”)
Screen, repeat length 304,8-635 mm (12”-25”)
Die-cutting, repeat length 304,8-635 mm (12”-25”)